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During these uncertain times I wanted to re-assure you of the video industry measures we are putting in place to mitigate against Covid-19. Whilst filming, we are taking all precautions of social distancing and hand washing, in addition to wearing manufactured face coverings.
Additionally, we have developed a contactless methodology to help you record high quality video footage via mobile phone, which can then be securely sent to us; enabling the creation of a really effective video for you to use, with additional graphics and professional narration. For more details please call us on 07720 405 79 and stay safe!
Simon Marcus
Director, Addictive Media


Addictive Media is based in Leeds, in the heart of Yorkshire, with easy access to the rest of the UK.
Please contact us for an informal chat about your project and the results you want to achieve. You can phone: 07720 405795, email: videoexperts@addictive.media or simply complete the form below.
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Dr Melanie Forster,
Consultant for Autism
   Both training video projects (autism awareness film and the ‘assessment of need’ education video) involved working in close collaboration. Addictive Media shared video expertise to ensure the best possible outcome.