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We provide brilliant audio content, and transfers, to a wide range of clients, to tight deadlines and always at the very highest quality.

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Audio is a crucial part of helping to communicate to your target audience; and we provide brilliant audio content to a wide range of clients, to tight deadlines – always at the very best quality.

For the last two decades we have been providing a broad range of cost-effective audio services ranging from audio editing autistic podcasts and recording narration for e-books; to recording and mixing music for charity fundraising.

See various examples below of our audio editing, recording, restoring and sound for podcasts and video productions.


Our Audio Services

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Editing Audio

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Restoring Audio

Sound For Video

Editing Audio

Below is an example of our editing and mixing audio for the podcasts produced on behalf of the Autistic Empire.

Recording Audio

Here’s an example of a short e-book we recorded and produced for BBC actress Venessa Rosenthal. We initially recorded Vanessa reading the book at our Leeds based studios and then commissioned an accompanying musical soundtrack which we added as part of the audio post-production process

Restoring Audio

Below is an example of restoring the sound quality of audio cassette recorded in 1970. The sample begins with the original quality for a few seconds before you hear the incredible transformation.

Sound Recording For Video

Sound is a crucial aspect of producing an impactful video to your target audience. We are passionate about capturing the clearest audio, even under the most challenging conditions. Below is an example of our capturing of audio where we followed football superstar Kevin Keegan around Elland Road, the home of Leeds United, as he recalled his memories of playing football there in the 1970s and 80s.

Us On TV

Above is a historical and hysterical television clip of our very own Si Marcus, demonstrating film sound recording on Channel 4, from the 1990s

From The Portfolio

All of Me – On the BBC

Czech Translation – Northern Powergrid

Si on Channel 4 (1990s)

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re working by yourself, or on behalf of a global organisation; we begin by discussing the results you want to achieve, then put on our award-winning creative thinking caps to make your audio come alive and work for you and your stakeholders.

We love working with people… again and again, which is why the likes of ‘Northern Powergrid’ and ‘One Adoption’ work with us so often, to help them get the results they need. So, whatever you want to achieve, let’s talk.

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