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We are passionate about helping you preserve & easily view and share your ‘old format’ video tapes, audio recordings & photographic archives; affordably digitally restored, at the highest quality, for individuals and organisations alike.

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How We Help

As professional video producers, we have the in-house technology to be able to offer a wide range of video, audio or photographic format transfer services. We carefully convert your historical audio and visual material to modern, easily playable, editable, and sharable digital files, at the very best quality.

We’ve even helped Marks & Spencer to convert and enhance their vast collection of VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs to modern digital formats; and recently brought a tear to the eye of a widower by reuniting him with the sights and sounds of his late wife. His precious collection of old family videos is now on a single USB stick, which can be played through his smart TV, or laptop; and all these memories are now preserved for future generations.

We’re based in Leeds, covering the entire UK and offer a local pickup and return service.

The Digital Transfer Process

If you have content on old formats you’d like to review, share, or archive, contact us, we’d love to help!

Simply drop in your material for us to assess and we’ll then provide you with a free report on its condition and we’ll recommend the most appropriate format to transfer it to.

We check for signs of deterioration and ensure tapes and DVDs are playable. We then quote based on the number and duration of the material, and an assessment of the hours or days it will take us to complete the digital transfer work; and any editing requested by you.

We’ll then return your original material, for your safe keeping, and provide you with digital files, usually on USB drives, which, at the click of a button, can be viewed on your laptop, played on most modern smart televisions; saved as a future audio-visual archive or easily shared with others.

Video, Audio & Photo Restoration

We have years of experience restoring and enhancing most domestic and broadcast formats of audio, video and even damaged photographs or slides. Simply click on any examples below to see and hear the original and restored versions.

An example of our video restoration

An example of our audio restoration

An example of our photographic restoration

Video Restoration

Photographic Restoration

Video & Audio Editing

In addition to transferring from your old analogue formats, we can also edit video and audio content; enhancing the material to provide you and others with the best viewing experience at the highest quality. 

It really is incredible what we can do to improve hissy, low-level audio, or significantly improve low resolution grainy video, audio, photographs or slides. 

Tape & Disc Storage

Old polypropylene (plastic) and metallic based tape formats deteriorate over time and we have found some to be unplayable; even within a couple of decades. 

Such deterioration occurs faster when tapes are stored in  less-than-ideal conditions.  Ideally, old video tapes should be stored upright, in their boxes, at room temperature, in non-humid conditions, away from any form of magnetism e.g. loudspeakers or high voltage electricity. 

Likewise, CDs and DVDs should be carefully stored boxed, in cool, dry and relatively dark environments.  Unlike the original ‘non-destructible’ marketing, the surface of these discs can be easily damaged and they do deteriorate over time. 

Video & Audio Sharing

Once we’ve transferred your video, audio, photographs or slides to more accessible digital files, your material can be more easily shared and viewed by others.       

At the end of the process we strongly recommend that your original material is safely stored away as an additional backup to your new digital archive.

Transfer & Editing Pricing

Depending on the particular format of your video, audio and photographic content, prices start as low as £29 for a half hour transfer. We also offer significant discounts on bulk requests so simply let us know what you have… and the durations if known; and we’ll work it all out for you.

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Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re working by yourself, or on behalf of a global organisation; we have the technology and expertise to convert your historical audio and visual material to easily playable digital files.

We love working with people… again and again, which is why the likes of ‘Northern Powergrid’ and ‘One Adoption’ work with us so often, to help them get the results they need. So, whatever you want to achieve, let’s talk.

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