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Video is now essential for marketing and we can guide you through the process and help you cut through the noise to engage with your target market in the most effective way.

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Producing seriously engaging video content, Addictive Media can help you creatively inform, educate, and communicate with your target audience, be it internally or on a global scale.

Through screen-grabbing video content, which really speaks to your stakeholders, we cut through the noise to provide clear messaging, and unambiguous calls to action.

From ‘explainer’ videos, clearly and concisely explaining a concept, product or service, to ‘workplace culture’ films to help onboard new team members, we can help you every step of the way.

Offering a wide range of video services, we can enhance your video communications through eye-catching graphics, interviews, photography, animation and storytelling to keep audiences interested and focused; whilst retaining your brand and ethos.

We’ve a vast experience in helping organisations to improve internal communications, disseminate best practice and promote new initiatives… just look at what our happy clients have said below. 

Here is Addictive Media’s very own promotional video encapsulating what we do within less than 30 seconds!  All the video sequences featured are from videos we’ve produced for delighted clients over the past decade.

Conference And
Event Filming

From small live talks to product launches and large-scale annual conferences, we specialise in filming, editing and distributing your events for an internal or worldwide audience. We often get asked to produce eye catching video content to help the success of these events. 

Our video crew, photographer and friendly techies will work with you throughout the entire event, ideally from the planning stage onwards; and we can even provide live streaming, if that is what you need. 

Such occasions are also a great opportunity to capture interviews and client testimonials. 

Social Media
Video Explained

Short-form video content, produced in a portrait rather than horizontal aspect ratio is ideal for viewing on mobiles and for widespread sharing on social media. Here are some of the current formats and durations:

YouTube ‘Shorts’ (up to 60 seconds) – are ideal for reaching a wide audience and are a great option for a range of of short-form content; especially suitable for awareness raising, instructional and promotional communications.

Facebook/Instagram ‘Reels’have a maximum duration of 90 seconds.

Facebook/Instagram ‘Stories’ – disappear after 24 hours unless you save them, support video sequences up to 90 seconds in duration.

TikTok Videos – have a minimum duration of 3 seconds and a maximum length of 10 minutes; and are more suited to a younger audience.

We specialise in producing captivating social media video content, to really makes an impact on your target audience and encourage action. From just a few hours of location filming we can provide you with a wealth of content. See our portfolio examples.

How It Works

Your Brief

We’ll talk about your business and most definitely, your target audience; determining what you want them to think, feel or do after viewing your video. We delve deep into your ethos or brand; and get to know you so well that we’ll feel part of your team!

Creative Thinking

We’ll put on our creative thinking caps to suggest how best to engage your audience.  This might be via emotional narrative to tug at the heartstrings, enlightening animation, clearly explaining a product or concept, or inspiring aerial drone shots of your location.

Video Production

From supplying narration to sourcing locations, we take care of everything, keeping you informed throughout. Post filming, we’ll start editing your footage, often including graphics, titles, narration, music or even animation, providing a seamless video with maximum impact.

Video Review

Following the completion, you’ll be linked to an initial draft video for comment and approval. We are producing the video for YOU and it needs to be right!  We’ll respond quickly to your feedback, agree any changes, and estimate when the final video will be complete for sign off.

Video Accessibility

Google loves widely accessible video content.  To make your video even more accessible, we can provide captions for those with hearing issues, in-view British Sign Language presenters; and can offer a vast range of foreign language services, ranging from translation to narration.

Video Distribution

We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t advise you on giving your video maximum reach. We can help with advice about effective distribution for your videos, in the most appropriate formats, at the right time, to the right destinations, to be most viewed

From The Portfolio

Moortown Park – The People’s Park

Apprentices – Northern Powergrid

British Sign Language – Priority Customers

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re working by yourself, or on behalf of a global organisation; we always start with the results you want to achieve, then put on our award-winning creative thinking caps to make your video content come alive and work for you.

We love working with people… again and again, which is why the likes of ‘Northern Powergrid’ and ‘One Adoption’ work with us so often, to help them get the results they need. So, whatever you want to achieve, let’s talk.

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