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At Addictive Media, we’re passionate about communicating and engaging through video. We believe that everyone, from big brands to small start-ups, should have the opportunity to reach their target audience – and in our experience captivating video content is the best way!

Award Winning




Whether you are a small businesses, nonprofit or big enterprise, we have a passion for helping you communicate your message, values and brand.

We’ve over 20 years’ experience producing audience-captivating video content, for organisations and businesses, far and wide, large and small… and we manage all the technical stuff, from the development of the concept to the production of captions for social media, leaving you free to work on your business.

As you might have seen from our extensive testimonials, we’ve helped loads of businesses to grow though their use of promotional, marketing, product and corporate videos.

Marketing & Promo Videos

The term ‘corporate video’ sometimes conjures up a bygone era of long, tedious videos with people talking ‘at you’. Instead, we produce ‘collaborative videos’ by establishing the results you need and only then producing exceptional content.

From the promotion of a service on your website, to the marketing of a product on social media; we delve deep into how we can provide you with content to give you that creative edge and generate measurable results.

Training & Comms Videos

Producing seriously engaging video content, Addictive Media can help you creatively inform, educate, and communicate with your target audience, be it internally or on a global scale.

Through screen-grabbing video content, which really speaks to your stakeholders, we cut through the noise to provide clear messaging, and unambiguous calls to action.

From ‘explainer’ videos, clearly and concisely explaining a concept, product or service, to ‘workplace culture’ films to help onboard new team members, we can help you every step of the way.

Nonprofit Films

Video is a brilliantly effective way for community organisations, charities, and fundraisers to inspire action, seek volunteers, raise awareness of a cause or service, and is an especially great to raise funds…as you’ll see from our testimonials, we have a great track record in this area!

We can help you tell your story in the most powerful way, creating an emotional connection, building genuine trust with your target audience to inspire action.

Live Streaming

Our experienced team can help you professionally livestream your video content, in a cost effective and environmentally conscience way to expand your reach, help communicate key messages and build real-time engagement with a range of in house or external stakeholders.

As well as running the live stream itself, we can provide crew, cameras, audio and lighting, leaving you free to concentrate on the message.

Drone Filming

We produce award winning commercial and not-for-profit films; using aerial perspective drone footage to help enhance video content for our clients and their stakeholders. We also offer a stand-alone service for those needing a more cost-effective way of carrying out aerial surveys or inspections, without the need for expensive scaffolding.

Our brilliant drone sequences provide dynamic external footage showcasing building developments, architectural designs, captivating landscapes, incredible views of your location or even individual houses for estate agencies.

How It Works

Your Brief

We’ll talk about your business, vision and especially your target audience; determining what you want them to think, feel or do after watching your video. We delve deep into your ethos or brand; and get to know you so well that we’ll feel part of your team!

Creative Thinking

We’ll put on our creative thinking caps to suggest how best to engage your audience.  This might be via emotional narrative to tug at the heartstrings, enlightening animation, clearly explaining a product or concept, or inspiring aerial drone shots of your location.

Video Production

From supplying narration to sourcing locations, we take care of everything, keeping you informed throughout. Post filming, we’ll start editing your footage, often including graphics, titles, narration, music or even animation, providing a seamless video with maximum impact.

Video Review

Following the completion, you’ll be linked to an initial draft video for comment and approval. We are producing the video for YOU and it needs to be right!  We’ll respond quickly to your feedback, agree any changes, and estimate when the final video will be complete for sign off.

Video Accessibility

Google loves widely accessible video content.  To make your video even more accessible, we can provide captions for those with hearing issues, in-view British Sign Language presenters; and can offer a vast range of foreign language services, ranging from translation to narration.

Video Distribution

We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t advise you how to give your video maximum reach. We can help with advice about effective distribution for your videos, in the most appropriate formats, at the right time, to the right destinations, for maximum impact.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re working by yourself, or on behalf of a global organisation; we begin by discussing the results you want to achieve, then put on our award-winning creative thinking caps to make your video comms come alive and work for you.

We love working with people… again and again, which is why the likes of ‘Northern Powergrid’ and ‘One Adoption’ work with us so often, to help them get the results they need. So, whatever you want to achieve, let’s talk.

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