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Video transfers Leeds are dedicated to helping you preserve and relive your treasured ‘vintage’ video tapes, audio recordings, and photo collections with ease. We provide an affordable service and transform these memories into high-quality digital formats, serving the needs of both individuals and organisations.

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if you’ve been looking up Video transfers Leeds, then we have the experience and expertise to help. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art technology right here in our Leeds studio. This allows us to offer a wide range of services for converting and enhancing video and audio and photographic formats. Our top priority is to handle your vintage audio and visual materials with care and transform them into modern digital files that are easy to access, edit, store, and share, all while preserving the highest quality.

Our expertise goes beyond technology; we’ve had the privilege of working with well-known brands like Marks & Spencer, helping them convert and improve their extensive collection of VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs into up-to-date digital formats. We’ve also had some heartwarming moments, like reuniting a widower with precious memories of his late wife. We transformed his collection of old family videos into a single USB stick, which can be played on smart TVs and laptops, ensuring that these cherished memories will be preserved for generations to come.

Located in Leeds, we serve have clients across the UK, providing the convenience of local pickup and return services.

The Digital Transfer Process

If you have content on old formats you’d like to review, share, or archive, contact us, we’d love to help!

Just bring your materials to us, and we’ll take it from there. Video transfer Leeds offer a complimentary assessment to evaluate the condition and length of your content. We carefully inspect for any signs of deterioration and ensure that tapes and DVDs are in working order. Following this, we’ll provide you with a quote based on the quantity and duration of your materials, as well as the estimated time needed for the digital transfer process. If you require any editing, we’ll factor that in as well.

Once the process is complete, we’ll return your original materials to you for safekeeping. In addition, we’ll deliver digital files, typically on USB drives. With a simple click, you can easily view them on your laptop, play them on most modern smart televisions, save them for future audio-visual archives, and effortlessly share them with others.

Video, Audio & Photo Restoration

We have years of experience restoring and enhancing most domestic and broadcast formats of audio, video and even damaged photographs or slides. Simply click on any examples below to see and hear the original and restored versions.

An example of our video restoration

An example of our audio restoration

An example of our photographic restoration

Video Restoration

Photographic Restoration

Video & Audio Editing

Beyond simply transferring your old analog formats, we offer the expertise to edit your video and audio content, enhancing the material to deliver the ultimate viewing and listening experience at the highest quality.

It’s truly remarkable what we can achieve in terms of improving hissy, low-level audio or significantly enhancing low-resolution, grainy video, as well as audio, photographs or slides.

Mould & Tape Storage

Over time, older tape formats made of polypropylene (plastic) and metal tend to degrade. In some cases, they become unplayable within just a couple of decades. This deterioration happens even more rapidly when the tapes are stored in less-than-ideal conditions. To preserve these tapes, it’s best to store them upright in their original boxes, at room temperature, in a dry environment with low humidity, and away from sources of magnetism, such as loudspeakers or high voltage electricity.

Similarly, it’s important to handle CDs and DVDs with care. Store them in their original boxes, in a cool, dry, and relatively dark place. Contrary to their initial ‘indestructible’ marketing claims, the surfaces of these discs can be easily damaged, and they do degrade over time.

After we’ve transformed your video or audio content into digital files for better accessibility, you’ll have the option to share and view it more conveniently with others. Nevertheless, we recommend that you take the precaution of safely storing the original material as an extra backup for your historical collection.

Transfer & Editing Pricing

Depending on the particular format of your video, audio and photographic content, prices start as low as £29 for a half hour transfer. We also offer significant discounts on bulk requests so simply let us know what you have… and the durations if known; and we’ll work it all out for you.

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Whether you’re a solo operator or part of a global organisation, we’ve got the tools and expertise to convert your historical audio and visual materials into easy-to-use digital files.

We genuinely value building enduring connections, which is why renowned organisations like ‘Northern Powergrid’ and ‘One Adoption’ regularly partner with us. They rely on us to deliver the outcomes they need. So, whatever your objectives may be, let’s start a conversation.

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