5 Crucial Things To Discuss With A Photographer – Before Your Event

Jun 29, 2023 | Photography Guides

Addictive Media was recently commissioned by Leeds City Council, in conjunction with ‘Friends of Moortown Park’, to provide professional photographic coverage for their community and fund-raising event at Moortown Park. We love taking photographs at live events and this got us thinking about what you need to consider within an ‘ideal’ brief to get the most effective images from your photographer of choice.

So, once you’ve chosen a photographer (recommendations from people you know are a great start) and, having seen their work and are confident they can fulfil your brief; then it’s time to communicate what you want…


Let your photographer know the purpose of the event coverage so they can focus on capturing the most appropriate imagery. For example, a fundraising event might benefit from close ups of participant faces to convey emotional impact when used on a donation site. If there is a deadline you need the photographer to work to, then this is the time to mention it!

Drone Photography featuring Moortown Park in Leeds


Similar to consideration of your aims and objectives, liaise with your photographer about what style works best for how you will be using the photographs. Format choice is also important to consider, as large poster style imagery requires very high-resolution image files to be provided, whereas images for social media are best provided as smaller compressed image files.

Are you looking for more corporate formal group shots or perhaps something more ‘fly on the wall… or both?! A shot list of key moments to capture can be really helpful at this stage – especially if there are particular people present whom you need to prioritise featuring within the event photography.


Discuss the date, location, timings, and event logistics (on the day point of contact, parking etc). Agree on how long your photographer might be on location and the number of ‘usable’ shots you ideally want to end up with. You may only need a handful of images for press releases or for social media. Sometimes less is more!

This is also a good time to discuss ‘photographic usage rights’ which can be assigned from the photographer to the client, if this is required.


Establish if you want most of the usable shots from the event, or to be provided with a set number of great images which, in post-production, have been optimally framed, colour tweaked and generally made to look their very best. This is the stage where you can now (thanks to AI) request the removal of objects, or even people, from captured images!


Don’t forget to let your photographer know of any milestones or deadlines you have for viewing and approving the images. It can take some time to optimise a day’s photographic shoot – so knowing your deadline can help your photographer to plan out the work to meet your needs.


So, a great photographer armed with the aims and objectives of the shoot, aware of the style you are seeking and the scope and duration of the event; along with your requirements for how and when you are planning to use the images, will be free to concentrate on producing awesome creative and effective photography for you or your organisation.

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Simon Marcus

Simon Marcus

Simon is a video producer and professional photographer at Addictive Media, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He has an MA in TV & Film Production and has been working in the visual communication sector for over 2 decades. Simon always strives to deliver scroll-pausing, captivating video, photographic and audio content which really makes a difference.

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