Video Editing & Why My Client Paid More Than The Invoice!

Feb 17, 2023 | News

Want to hear how one of my clients recently offered to pay me more than I’d actually invoiced?

One of my lovely clients, Steve Pipe, had just done a brilliant TED talk about businesses taking micro charitable actions to make a big difference. However, following TED’s filming of this presentation, the volunteer TED editor provided him with a rough video edit of the talk which had issues with the colour balance, edit points, out of synch audio and it even had logos in shot which needed to be removed.

TED required these issues being resolved before they would upload the finished vide to YouTube… and then the TED editor himself disappeared.

So, I got a call from my client last Friday afternoon asking if I could rescue the video, re-edit it… and do all of this by Monday morning! Now, I love a challenge, and this was full on!

It was very intense and time consuming to carefully remove logos from moving cameras and match colour and audio levels between shots, but very satisfying to do. Luckily, I had just invested in some super software which actually enhances the resolution and quality of video, and this too worked wonders.

I linked Steve to the completed new edit by Monday morning, he submitted it to TED, they signed off the video; and it’s now live and my client was so pleased with the results and the additional work I’d put in that he offered to pay more than I’d invoiced!

If you want to see the results of this technical challenge, and a short, interesting TED talk, here it is:

And here is the lovely Google review Steve has subsequently posted.

Review left by Steve Pipe
3 days ago

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Mine must have been the “video project from hell”… since I dumped a half finished mp4 on Simon with a long list of practically impossible requirements… including a ridiculously short deadline, improving the colour balance, masking out a logo, getting the sound back in sync the lips etc etc…. and Addictive Media exceeded my expectations in every single area. WOW!

Simon Marcus

Simon Marcus

Simon is a video producer and professional photographer at Addictive Media, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He has an MA in TV & Film Production and has been working in the visual communication sector for over 2 decades. Simon always strives to deliver scroll-pausing, captivating video, photographic and audio content which really makes a difference.

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